Plato de temporada – Spanish exercises

During Madrid’s mild winters, locals prepare seasonal stews using ingredients such as beans, lentils, tripe and garlic.

Here, we have a recipe for garlic soup that serves two. It’s a great winter plato de temporada!

Match each ingredient with its image to complete the recipe:


Typical stews of Spanish winter
  • 3 cucharadas de _ _ _ _ _
  • Una pizca de _ _ _ _ _
  • 4 dientes de _ _ _ _ _
  • 50 gramos de _ _ _ _ _ duro
  • 1 litro de _ _ _ _ _


Cortar (2) / Mezclar / Verter

Pelar / Calentar / Poner

Añadir (2) / Cocer

Plato de temporada


Aceite de oliva/Sal/Ajo/Pan/Agua Cortar/Poner/Pelar/Cortar/Añadir/Añadir/Mezclar/Verter/Cocer

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How to ask for directions in Spanish – Spanish exercises

If you’re tired of being enslaved by your GPS, or even worse, you don’t have any signal, then getting lost and asking the locals for help is a great way to practice your Spanish. To learn how to ask for directions in Spanish, why not use these phrases?

Perdona, ¿Hay un banco/una estación de metro/una farmacia por aquí? Excuse me, is there a bank/metro stop/pharmacy near here?
Disculpa, ¿Para ir a……? Sorry, to get to… (insert street name/area)?
¿Sabes dónde está……? Do you know where ….is?

The answer you receive will very likely include common direction verbs such as:
Coger – to take
Girar – to turn
Seguir – to continue (irregular!)
Ir – to go (irregular!)
Cruzar – to cross

Furthermore, it will also nearly always involve the imperative. In the informal singular form, this tense is really easy! To help you, here are the same verbs again in their simplest imperative form.

1. Coge la primera/segunda calle a la derecha/izquierda… (take the first street on the right/left…)
2. Gira a la izquierda en el semáforo… (turn left at the light…)
3. Sigue todo recto… (continue straight on…)
4. Vete a la derecha/izquierda… (go right…)
5. Cruza la plaza… (cross the square…)

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