El pronombre “se” y los verbos de consumo – Spanish exercises

La primavera se acerca, y con ella los productos de temporada y las terrazas en las calles y plazas de Madrid. A los madrileños les encanta compartir en ellas momentos en los que la comida y la bebida son imprescindibles. Uno se toma una caña, otra se toma un chato de vino y el otro solo toma agua. Pero, ¿por qué uno ‘se toma’ una caña y otro ‘toma’ agua? Pues aquí vamos a enseñarte algo muy español sobre el pronombre “se” y los verbos de consumo:

El pronombre “se” y los verbos de consumo – Spanish exercises

Ahora elige la opción correcta:
1. Ayer merendé/me merendé galletas.
2. Ayer merendé/me merendé un bocata de atún.
3. Bebe/Se bebe un litro de gaseosa al día.
4. Bebe/Se bebe mucha agua cuando hace deporte.
5. Tengo ganas de comer/comerme pescado.
6. Tengo ganas de comer/comerme un pincho de pulpo.


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Treasure Hunt in Retiro Park – Featured after-class activity

The flower beds bursting with colour, the sparkling lake filled with paddle boats and the welcome sunshine basking everything in a warm yellow glow, there can be no better time of year to pay a visit to the Retiro Park than spring. If you’re looking to escape the crowded streets of the city centre for some fresh air, why not join us on an activity-filled outing to the park?

Challenges in Retiro Park – Featured after-class activity

We begin our visit with a little walk through the manicured hedges and umbrella-fringed outdoor cafés of the Retiro, learning more about its history as a park that was once reserved exclusively for the Spanish royal family to use. After our students have gotten their bearings, we get started on an exhilarating gymkhana competition!With a 45-minute time limit, our students must race the clock to complete as many set mini challenges as possible, ranging from asking locals questions in Spanish to taking selfies with strangers and tracking down key landmarks to photograph. It’s a great way for students to practice their Spanish outside of the classroom with locals, and to get over any shyness they have about their language skills and start speaking!

With amazing warm weather predicted right up until the final few months of the year, we hope to take many more groups of students out to the park for this energetic activity. If you’re looking for an excuse to break out those new trainers and head out into the sunshine, why not sign up to our next after class activity?

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Featured AIL Student – Peter

Peter, Feature AIL Madrid Student

My name is Peter and I’m from the United States. I decided to come to AIL Madrid to take private and group classes in business Spanish.

My story

I chose to enrol at AIL Madrid as it offered not just group classes in business Spanish but also private lessons. Subjects like finance and business can be very specialised and every student has their own specific interests, so having personalised classes was really important to me.

My teacher

My teacher Marina was phenomenal and very intelligent. She was the only teacher I worked with during my time at AIL and taught me for both my private and group classes. Through these classes, I also got to meet other students from places like China and Turkey. I found the different perspectives of the international class really interesting.

Fun after class activities

Although AIL offered a lot of cultural activities after class, I was studying for my DELE exams and so I only went to one cultural workshop about Cervantes. The activity taught me so much new vocabulary and I ended up having an ‘aha!’ moment the next day when I overheard one of my newly learned words used by my host family! I think the cultural activities are a nice way to learn Spanish in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Why study Spanish

I’m not young, so I know that for others it’s a lot easier to learn a new language. It is challenging and at times I think, ‘Why am I doing this?’ Yet, on the days where I can speak really fluently, or when people can’t detect my American accent in Spanish and ask where I’m from, it’s amazing. For people who are considering taking up Spanish lessons, my advice would be to just do it!

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