Ordering drinks in Spanish – Spanish exercises

Ordering drinks in Spanish is not as simple as you might think. Let’s see how well you know your way around the world of alcoholic beverages in Madrid. Try matching the drink with the definition:

1. Bebida de alta graduación alcohólica mezclada con un refresco y hielo en un vaso de tubo. (Spirits mixed with a soft drink and ice in a tall glass)
2. Suele ser de ½ litro. (half a litre or more)
3. Botella de cerveza de 33cl. (a medium sized bottle of beer)
4. Botella de cerveza de 20cl. (a small 20cl bottle of beer)
5. Vaso de cerveza de 20cl. (a small draught beer)
6. Vaso de plástico con capacidad para un litro de cerveza o alcohol con refresco. (a huge plastic glass of beer or sometimes spirits designed to share, often at live music events)

a. CubataOrdering drinks in Spanish
b. Botellín
c. Tercio
d. Jarra
e. Caña
f. Mini

Are you ready now for ordering drinks in Spanish? If you want to continue your Spanish learning, take a look at the infographics of different levels that we have in our Learning resources.

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