Co-official languages of Spain – Spanish exercises

Did you know that in some territories of Spain we have other spoken languages besides Spanish? Two of the most well-known co-official languages of Spain are Catalan in Cataluña (Catalán), known as Català locally, or Basque in País Vasco (Euskera), known as Euskera locally. However, we also have several more like Galician in Galicia (Gallego), known as Galego locally, or Valencian in Comunidad Valenciana (Valenciano).

Therefore, we found the translations of some words from Spanish to the other co-official languages of Spain. Read the infographic below to educate yourself about these other languages of Spain! Do you think they are similar to Spanish?

Co-official languages of Spain – Spanish exercises

Now, when travelling you will be able to understand a bit of the language from each region you visit. These places offer a variety of things to do for tourists, so we think they are definitely worth the trip!

Did you enjoy this insight into the languages Spanish heritage and culture? Do you want to continue your Spanish learning? Check out the infographics that we have on the Learning resources section page of our website. Whether youre a beginner or expert at speaking SPanish, we cater for all abilities!

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