Featured AIL Student – Franco

Franco Imperial, Student in AIL Madrid

The Philippines
28 years old
I like Spain a lot and I’m not planning on leaving. This is my country now!

When and why did you decided to study Spanish?
I started taking Spanish classes when I was 18 years old, just before going to university. I wanted to learn another language and I chose Spanish because of its similarities with my native tongue, Filipino.

You arrived in Spain two years ago to do your Master’s degree. Why did you choose Spain?
I wanted to do my degree abroad, and I chose Spain because it gave me the opportunity to perfect my Spanish skills. Spanish is spoken by loads of people world-wide, which means being able to speak it makes communication on both a personal and a professional level so much easier.

Why did you sign up for classes at AIL?
I was captivated by Madrid and Spanish culture, so after I had finished my Master’s degree, I didn’t want to leave and I started looking for a job here. I was hired by a Spanish banking and consulting company, and after confusing “hipotecas” (mortgages) with hypothesis I realized I really needed Spanish business classes. AIL Madrid was the one that always appeared when searching for the best school in the Internet, so when Steven from AIL’s Student Care Team confirmed the school offered a Spanish Business programme, I signed up almost immediately.

What was your experience like with your teachers?
My teacher, Andrea has always been able to answer all my questions and she is very knowledgable. I benefited enormously; not only did she follow the books, but she used real-life materials filling in “grey areas”, which has been SO helpful.

Would you recommend AIL Madrid?
Of course! I have already recommended AIL Madrid to my American friends who want to come to Spain and learn Spanish. I think AIL can offer a lot to people with busy agendas; I can schedule my classes whenever I need.

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